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Driving license of category B

The driving license enables to drive:

  • the vehicles up to 3500 kg, with maximum of 8 passenger seats, except the driver seat, with one towed vehicle up to 750 kg
  • other work vehicles not exceeding 3500 kg et.

Conditions to obtain the license:

  • age of 18
  • medical check-up certificate
  • passing the final exam after the training

Conditions to start the training course:

  • filled application form for the driving license (see Download)
  • filled medical check-up certificate (see Download)

Why to choose us?

We have several principles that we follow and the results are evident. We have the training according to the individual training plan. You are the ones to set the conditions and we will adhere to them. It means that you will define the time and days of your training. We don't force you to form the groups, but you also can do so.

You can also choose which vehicle you want to use during training. There are 3 Fabia cars and 2 Octavia . All at a price that is listed. For us, safety is a standard and therefore all training vehicles are equipped with both front and side airbags. Air conditioning and ABS are also standard. Thus we guarantee that the training will take place in the hot summer months. Your comfort is guaranteed not only height-adjustable steering wheel (at Octavia even sideways) but also the driver's seat.

We think about ecology. Engines of our vehicles meet the Euro 5 and Euro 4.

The easiest exam - the car thinks for you:

  • when starting the vehicle daytime running lights are automatically switched on
  • you are acoustically warned if you do not have seat belts on
  • you are also alerted if you forget to release handbreak
  • parking sensors during reversing warn you on the distance to any obstacles
  • the Octavia even see on the display what gear you should use (kind of small tip for optimum fuel consumption)

Some of these mistakes (mostly due to nervousness) are traffic violations, and therefore help you to pass the final exam. The teacher is not allowed to help you during the exam, but the car itself can.

Payment for training can be divided into two installments. Price does not include administrative fees payable to City Hall. Prague specified in the Act No. 411/2005 Coll. and the interpreter.

We accept payments in vouchers from companies Sodexo, Edenred a Le Cheque Déjeuner.